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Siemens partnered with FEAC Engineering to offer their best Simulation Software in key Europe markets, such as Greece, Cyprus & Malta. They needed a strong digital presence in order to penetrate those markets and spread the word out about their expertise
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Siemens is partnering with FEAC Engineering to bring their latest Simulation Software products to Greek, Cypriot and Maltese markets. They need a strong online presence showing off their products, their case studies and their capabilities. They also need to get the word out through specialized marketing tactics. Their end goal is to get leads from all possible online channels.


We approached this as any other project, with our creative side! We started with a solid strategy for both the new website and the marketing strategy. Then our job was easy, we just had to implement.


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Present but Invisible

Our everyday lives are filled with engineering marvels that just help us on our every day tasks. Sometimes without even thinking about them. Engineering is all around us but invisible most of the time. Your car, your apartment on that tall skyscraper, the roads you drive, the subway. Countless examples of present but invisible engineering.

We wanted to transfer that mindset through this website. Minimal yet present, invisible but reactive to the user.

Interactive yet Subtle

Our design had to be minimal but not dull. So we added animations and transitional interactions on everything the user sees, touches and feels. Another virtue of engineering which has affected our design thinking and principles a lot.

Adding reactive interactions and transitions in a website is an art. It has to make sense to the user, adding to the user experience not just making the website fancy. During our web design sessions we thought about the UX process a lot and during the Drupal development we had to create a lot of custom animations that eventually led to a great result.


Social Media Marketing

For the social media strategy we chose a serious corporate style copy and captivating imagery that shows at a glance what the software can do.


Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin were the social media we chose to use to showcase FEAC Engineering capabilities using Siemens PLM Software


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