Performance Hosting

It's no secret that the faster a website loads the better the experience for its users. There are many factors that might lead to a slow website, but one that is most often overlooked is the hosting server setup.

A server is just a computer that's being built to work 24/7. These days these "computers" are virtual machines on large clusters of datacenters, but the principles are the same. The speed of a server is a combination of the hardware you have available (cpu, ram, disk) and the software that runs on.

Many "cheap" hosting providers out there have old, oversold hardware and bloated software that its just plain heavy by itself, making any website hosted there with a small amount of traffic to struggle to load, often causing visitors to leave and never come back. Hosting your website on a server for speed is like getting a race car to a speed race. Given the same hardware, the lighter and more optimized car for speed will naturally win the race.

We have built our servers with speed and security in mind. Our servers are based on linux OS and besides the Operating System, everything else is customized and installed by us. We don't just install stuff. Everything we run on our servers is highly tested and completely optimized before thrown to our production server. We actually have many testing and staging servers to ensure top quality on our live websites.

Our setup includes Nginx webserver, Varnish cache, php-fpm with isolated sockets per account for security, Memcache, New Relic with Monit for monitoring and automation and more.

Speed-wise we bet we can beat the speed of your old hosting provider or your money back! In fact we have created an offer to see for yourself how fast our hosting is. Get the offer.


We are serious about security too. When most control panel based hosting providers have many security issues with the software run on their servers which is completely open to attacks, we have locked down our system as much as we can. Our servers have been tested and passed all security tests from Pfizer itself, before giving us the green light to host their emvoliazo website. We can provide you with more security related info on our software stack by completing the relevant form here.

We are so paranoid about security that we have developed a highly sophisticated backup system, based on machine learning, that adjusts the backups automatically. 1-2 weeks db and files backup on websites that don't change too often, and daily or bi-daily backups on frequently changing websites like e-shops. All backups reside in a completely different datacenter in another country. That way even if our current datacenter in Germany catches fire or becomes a target of nuclear warfare, your data will be intact. Unless of course there is a global nuclear war, in that case the integrity of our backups will be the least of our problems.

Our emails are moved to a completely different server, for security reasons, handled by a specific mail panel software and they are all completely encrypted with the strongest TLS encryption algorithms.

You can be assured that your websites will not only be hosted on the fastest and most secure servers but will constantly improve, since all performance improvements we achieve are passed on to all existing websites.