UX Consulting

A website is not only about looking good. It should be easy to use and intuitive to its users. The golden rule for UX design is:

Don't make me think!

Users should spend minimal time, if any, to figure out what to do next in your application. The less cognitive work a brain has to do, the easier the experience for the user and the happier will feel at the end. Because he completed what he intended to do, with minimal effort.

The first impression of a website is a big deal. It shapes their perspective for your company. Of course, UX is a very difficult field to get it right from the start. It usually involves a lot of information, analytics, user behavioral studies, human psychology and a lot more.

We always design and develop our projects with UX best practices and data analytics in mind. If you want to improve your users experience on your website, wefixit can be your experienced partner in UX. You can use our consulting services and get ahead of your competition by creating the best experience for your users. We will help you improve your overall website and business quality which will bring you multiple rewards over time.

Our services include

  • Website - app usability testing
  • Information Architecture analysis
  • Research user needs, motivations, behaviours
  • Design review and analysis
  • Benchmarking and Competitive analysis
  • UX Strategy consulting and planning

We have analytical procedures for all aforementioned services, we can present them to you upon request. Contact us for more information.