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Immunization Awareness


Population immunization is something very important for modern societies. As an active advocate of public health and commitment to society, wefixit was very fortunate to work with great companies for this important goal.
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Pfizer wanted to create awareness for the importance of immunization in Greece, among other countries. The goal was to design and implement a Drupal CMS that had a fresh and clean design to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and population. It also needed to have some special tools for health professionals.


We approached this project with the cleanliness a health organization should project to the world. Public immunization is a serious matter so the more people we could get to browse these pages the greater the good for society. These are the kind of projects we love to work for.





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Branding, Graphic Design, Hosting, Performance, Web Design, Web Development

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How it was made

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The Briefing

Working with big companies that make an impact on the world is by itself amazing. At the same time is challenging. Everything is very thought of and nothing is left on luck.

Followapp, an exclusive and trusted Pfizer vendor in Greece, was looking for company with experience and proven track record in Drupal CMS system. Pfizer is a big advocate of Drupal and uses the system in all its websites which illustrates the quality of Drupal as an enterprise CMS.

The task was to build a well designed and easy to navigate website, to inform the general public about the importance of vaccination and immunization. The website had to educate people with facts and research backed data about vaccines and all the information had to be laid out in a very easy to read and navigate way.

The Discovery & Process

As we talked through the project, we found numerous and creative ways to approach the challenges and find solutions for every step of the way.

Our graphic designer after a very creative week of brainstorming with the rest of the team and collaborating with the front end developer and UX designer, set the standards and best practices for this project.
He then went to work, reworked the logo of emvoliazo and designed the first website mockups and prototypes. They were so good that little was changed after that in terms of design.

The latest and greatest Drupal 8 was chosen for this project. The template was coded in Twig and the code was carefully written to be easily maintainable and as fast as possible. We used as much core as possible and we tried to use only the required modules in order to keep back end code lean and fast as well.


In terms of special functionality we needed a way to notify travelers which vaccines they need to have in the countries they plan to visit. For this we took data from the Greek Public Health ministry and created a database with all the immunization a person needs, grouped by country. This is one of the very few databases of its kind and certainly the most user friendly.

The user / traveler selects the country from a dropdown list and gets the information immediately without the need to refresh or navigate to another page.

By adding this very helpful functionality our end goal was the website of emvoliazo.gr to be the first and only destination for immunization information for people traveling abroad.

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Information Overload

As with any informational website, our biggest challenge is to lay out the information to be easy to scan, read and understand. Many users just scan through documents, some read them more thoroughly and even less actually understand the whole content.

We had to make sure that anyone, even those who would scan through the page will get the most important messages. A great amount of thought was put into organizing the information and presenting it in a way that achieved our goals.

We created a sidebar navigational menu that would stick as the user scrolled up or down and help him navigate to the parts of the page that interest him quickly without any effort from the users part. This navigation was present in mobiles and we made sure that it was as intuitive as the desktop version if not more intuitive. For that reason we made it stick to the bottom of the mobile screen and be designed like the buttons everyone is used to in applications like instagram.

Our graphic designer made all the infographics used throughout the website and his work has already impacted our visitors that need fast and clear information about diseases and vaccination.


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