Website Maintenance / Support

Just like your car, your website or app has moving parts since it interacts with users in one way or another. Designing and developing a website or application is not enough. It needs ongoing maintenance and support in order to last in time and always be in great shape and perform like its brand new even after many years. Everything is based on software, and software can become obsolete. With technology advancing so quickly and security threats also spreading faster than ever before, having a secured and updated system must be your first priority. 

A large part of your ongoing maintenance will be to keep all your systems updated. That might sound easy but its far from it. Every update has a possibility to break stuff on your existing website. In fact that's quite common. That is why we follow a whole set procedures for this maintenance service to ensure the quality of our work.


We use version control with private cloud repositories and we do all our updates in development servers. Updates are then performed on the development server and are thoroughly tested to ensure everything is working as it should. The update then is synced to the remote code repository and tested on a second staging server. If we get the expected result we then move on to update the code for the live website.

Security & Backups

You should have realized by now that we are paranoid about security. That's why we spend a whole working day each month testing all backups in a testing server. We do manual files and database testing to ensure our backups are ready to import in a disaster recovery scenario. We also have software continuously checking website files for security breaches and for good website and app operation.

Our clients enjoy scheduled monthly maintenance and premium 24/7 support with highly trained crew that can shine even in the most challenging scenarios. Your website or app will be kept like new, for ever.

When you choose our full end-to-end solution for hosting, maintenance and support we can guarantee that your website will be always on, running problem-free just like it was day 1.