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SEVIPA is the largest business owners union for businesses located on Industrial Zone of Patras. They needed fresh look and had a new approach to expand the old website services. They had an idea of a portal and an opportunity to monetize this website.
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Sevipa is already an old union going all the way back to 2009. Their original website had become outdated and they also had new ideas they wanted to implement. They wanted to create a portal with relevant business news and information, detailed information about businesses of the union and possibly monetize the website traffic with banner ads.


We used the new Drupal 8 as our CMS of choice and built upon it a custom news portal, a business directory and all the usual design and UX elements we are known for. The result was a brand new shiny website that had nothing to do with the older site in looks nor in function.


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How it was made

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Get Them All Right

Designing a multi-functional website is never easy. Everything was customized to fit all scenarios. We needed a news portal website, with carefully thought out banner placements, a business directory with easy filtering, an individual business micropage with relevant information that any business can edit themselves, a notification board for every business and more.

Being business oriented we had to call in news headlines from other websites via RSS feeds and display them in our sidebar. This made it easy for members of the union usually browsing sevipa, see news of their interest from multiple websites in one place.

Companies Spotlight

Each company - member of Sevipa union has a dedicated micro webpage that shows important contact information about the company and how to reach them.

Each company has access to this content and can easily update it if needed. They also have a notification board that they can use to announce important stuff and then share them with their micro page dedicated link. If a company does not have any announcements then the relevant section is completely hidden to keep the design clean.

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Keep Everyone Informed

The news part of the website was something that Sevipa was very serious about. They have hired dedicated journalists in order to ensure they always have relevant and updated content. We also integrated some feeds from important business news sites to make their readers life a little easier by having a central place with all business news available.

Content is King

Sevipa had lot's and lot's of old content on their outdated website. It was very important for them that all of that content was preserved and transferred to the new website.

It was not easy, migrating an ancient joomla 1.6 database to a Drupal 8 database but the migrate module did wonders. After a few trials and errors we managed to move everything from the old website to the new.

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