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Michailidis Shoes 2018

A successful online presence needs to stay fresh. This is more important if you are one of the highest respected shops in your industry. We always like to improve something good and make it better. Say hello to 2018 version of good.
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A website that has thousands of visitors each day can easily become outdated in the customer's eyes but also becomes familiar. Redesigning a website to make it more fresh, while maintaining it's familiarity can be a great challenge.


We approached the redesign as a problem that needed a solution. The challenge was to create a fresh, cleaner and more minimalistic look, while maintaining its familiarity and even improving on it in terms of User Experience.





Services Provided

Hosting, Performance, Redesign

Technologies Used






How it was made

Michailidis 2018 homepage screenshot

An artistic magazine like home

This particular shop is more than just another e-shop on the block.

This is the trend setter. We decided to make the homepage look more like a portfolio of the company's artistic photoshoots than a classic e-shop front.

A Complete Rehauling of Product Page

Product pages get most of the viewing time.

Its the place that our visitors view our products and decide to buy or not. To help them towards that decision we tried to make the experience as clear as possible. Big product pictures, image thumbnails of other colors, clear selection visual cues, and all important information right where you want it.

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We Are Serious About Mobile

In the smartphone era you just know that probably more than 60% of your clients will come from a mobile device.

About half of the customers actually buy from a smartphone. Even if they don't buy from their phones, more than 80% of them will visit the site once or more in their path to become a customer.

So... mobile experience must be great. Simple as that.

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