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One of the most reputable local brands on shoes retail with two very successful stores, expanded on e-commerce with tremendous results.
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Michailidis Shoes, one of the most reputable shoes retail shops in the city wanted to expand to e-commerce. They wanted to reach new customers and better serve existing customers as well. They needed a well designed e-shop with an equally powerful CMS system to handle their stock and warehouse.


While looking at the requirements we found that there is one CMS that is reputable and ticks all the boxes from the start. That would mean less time custom coding functionality and more time designing and refining the user experience.





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How it was made

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First Things First

When designing an e-commerce site there is one primary goal. To sell. Quickly and easily. So when creating all the elements the user flows etc we had to put User Experience first. Every action and every decision we took it had to answer one simple question positively: "Will this help the user make a purchase easier?" 

Find it and Buy it

We wanted the user to be able to browse our shoes easily but also to find a specific one quickly if necessary.

Thats why we implemented an autocomplete search and quick ajax filters on product pages. That way our customers can look around browsing endless fashion pages, or quickly filter out things they want most at the time. All the website must be at the users service.

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Keep Calm and Buy

One challenging aspect of an e-shop is the product page. In our case we needed to have a very clear, big image of the shoe, with thumbs on different colors and angles so the user can see all sides of it.

All relevant info are shown prominently for the user as well as the size & color selection. In order to better serve our users we have included the latest and greatest shoes that might interest them on the bottom of the page, so even if they change their minds about the current one, they have lots of options right there.

It's How It Works Too

It's not only how it looks, it's also how it works. In that area we have employed many different tactics.

Server-wise we have hosted this website on our custom stack with Percona db server and Memcache for speeding up this application. Nginx and php-fpm are obviously helping move the requests extremely fast.

The checkout process has also be refined to be as fast and easy as possible. One page checkout mechanism, quick registrations and Facebook login help users make their buying decisions quickly.

Mobile was also another big chapter so we made sure the website looks and feels as native as possible to any screen.

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