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TOBEA is making waves for those with mobility issues by creating innovative products like SEATRAC
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TOBEA had an old and outdated website that didn't offer any value to the company besides some basic information about them and the SEATRAC. It was time for the next move. The website would be built from the ground up to offer more information to people using their product as well as potential investors and buyers.


We wanted to make the website usable for everyone thats why we developed it to pass the highest accessibility tests, getting a rating of AAA from WCAG.





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Changing the World, One Site at a Time

Literally. This website was designed and thought out in order to change the world of our disabled fellow citizens. Sure it needed to promote TOBEAs business and ingenuity to attract new customers, but we also wanted to serve the actual users of SEATRAC to find useful information.

Our vision was to enable those that need the SEATRAC technology to be able to find and discover their next favorite and accessible beach for them.


Find Your Next Beach

Imagine how difficult it is for a special needs citizen to plan a simple trip to a beach for a swim. It was almost impossible before the invention of SEATRAC.

Even with the ease of access to the sea that SEATRAC offers a typical beach day for a user with special needs is challenging. There are lots of factors that could affect the experience and a lot of information about the surroundings are needed before hand.

That's why we created a page listing all SEATRACs with a search that utilizes an autocomplete function to help finding a SEATRAC nearby. We also added helpful information about the beach amenities and accessibility features as well as SEATRAC installation status.


Accessibility Revisions
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