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The most iconic hair salon of the city just became even more eccentric. Influenced by minimalist tones and geometrical shapes we wanted the design to be out of this world, unlike any other beauty salon website. Uniqueness is what we strived for.
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Unique. Eccentric. Geometrical shapes. Out of this world. These were the only words we heard from the owner of the Hair Salon Akis Galatis. He wanted to refresh the design of his website and needed it to stand out from the crowd but in his own eccentric way.


Our craziness and creativity were free to storm this project. We employed the latest visual technologies in order to make the new site look as unique as the rest of the experience when someone visits the salon.





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How it was made

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Crush The Box

We are often asked to "think outside the box" but when you also required to have some limits and boundaries, you can't exactly kill the box completely. This time was different. We had no limitations. Mr Galatis already knew our team, as we have worked together in the past, he new our creativity, our process and we had a mutual trust relationship.

So we were free to explore anything in terms of design just by following the 4 simple requirements:

  • Be unique
  • Be eccentric
  • Use weird geometrical shapes
  • Make it out of this world

...and thats exactly what we did

Be Brave

We wanted to be Bold and Loud! We played a lot with SVG shapes, CSS animations, SVG and CSS masks, CSS filters, they were all there composing a eccentric visual result, out of this world!

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Premium Products, Premium Design

This salon is touted to be one of the most luxurious salons in the city. As such, its an exclusive distributor of premium hair care products from well known brands. They had to show their product superiority so we created a page showcasing these products. People can also contact the salon directly and ask for a product availability and sale.

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