Wordpress development

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform of the world. The last few years has also become the go to CMS platform for small to medium businesses. 

It has a healthy and active community and is backed by a large corporation. The platform is known for the ease of use and and for the countless themes and plugins offered in various marketplaces on the internet.

You should choose Wordpress if you need a small presentational website, blog or a small e-shop and you are in a tight budget. The platform is built for ease of use, simplicity and for simple tasks. It was originally developed as a blogging platform and its core still remains focused on that, but its popularity made it grow to being much more than a simple blogging platform. Many useful plugins have added more functionality in Wordpress so you can make it anything you like.

We are the right partner for your small medium business. We can develop a Wordpress website for your business that has all the features you need, in a beautiful, UX friendly design, without breaking the bank. Wordpress is ideal for tight budgets and we can make every € count. We have developed many Wordpress websites throughout the years and we have gathered lots of experience with the platform. Being experts in php and templating we can do anything you imagine in Wordpress.

By choosing Wordpress you can be sure that you will have a platform that will be definitely developed and supported for many years.