Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a buzzword among the industry. First page in an organic Google search is the holy grail of the internet. All companies want it and that's natural because 91% of users don't go past the first page of Google and 50% of them don't go past the first 3 results.

But SEO can get quite unethical. There is the white-hat and the black-hat SEO. Google is actively fighting black-hat SEO and all unethical SEO practices and with its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm updates, it can do a pretty good job and a great deal of harm to unethical SEO practitioners. Google states that if they catch you misusing their platform to get higher to the results the could completely ban your website from their index. As you imagine that's really bad.

Ethical, white-hat SEO only

Where do we fit in all this? Our agency is committed to quality first. We plan to stick around for many years and help businesses grow and achieve their goals. We do very detailed on-page SEO following all of Google's best practices to make our websites most easily scannable by their spiders. We use semantic markup, proper usage of heading tags, metadata, structured markup and microdata, following standards like open-graph and By working with wefixit you can be rest assured that your website will pass all on-page SEO checks with flying colors.

Then there is off-page

Although on-page SEO is your powerful way of slowly but steadily climbing the ranks of Google, off-page SEO is also needed. Off page SEO is called everything you do outside your page to bring traffic to your page. That is when things get tricky.

We use marketing and content creation as our tools for long lasting results in Google's first pages. This is the only proven way to do it and its what Google also suggests.

Content is King

That is what Google says all the time and it should not be taken lightly. Great content is the number one reason to bring traffic to your website. We can create content for your company that people will actually be interested in. Combined with a structured marketing strategy it will help you get to the spot.

Last but not least you should know that SEO takes time. It needs continuous work and analysis in order to bring you long lasting results. No one climbed to Google's first page in a month and no one stayed there for ever when stopped his SEO efforts. If someone tells you that you can, well, they say that what rises fast, falls faster...
That is the reason that we do a minimum of 6 months contracts on off-page SEO plans.