Online Advertising

Online advertising can be intimidating. There are so many cross-channel advertising options that only a professional can handle properly. Advertising online can bring you great results or no results if handled by the wrong people. Our experienced marketing team is highly effective because we put ourselves in your (and your clients) shoes. We have learned to think like a customer and act like a business owner. If you want results, you can count on us. We can help you advertise in the best online advertising channels.

Google Ads

Google is being touted as the biggest, by far, advertising company in the world. It's main source of revenue is adwords. Everything Google does is done with advertising in mind. Our highly capable marketing team is trained by Google and we have been certified with all Adwords & Analytics certifications. Our agency is awarded with the Google Partner badge, an award that Google gives only to agencies that have passed very strict quality standards set by Google.

Google offers many advertising channels which we can utilize

  • Google Search advertising
  • Google Display advertising
  • Google Remarketing advertising
  • Mobile and Android advertising through admob
  • Email advertising through Gmail
  • Youtube video advertising with various formats
  • Youtube 24hour Masthead ad

Facebook & Instagram

Being the largest social network in the world, Facebook has one of the best platforms for targeting users by interest and showing them multimedia ads that they can engage with. That is a big difference from Google ads. Users can interact positively or negatively in your advertisements so the approach and strategy of the advertising must be professional and there has to be a continuous monitoring of the process. We have been trained by Facebook through their online training platform and we have gained experience through every type of ad format Facebook and Instagram offers.

We can target users based on very fine tuned demographics and interests. Facebook's targeting tools are so detailed that is very hard and time consuming for a non professional to create, maintain and measure an effective campaign.

Types of ads Facebook offers

  • Facebook Banner Photo ads
  • Facebook Video ads
  • Facebook Carousel ads
  • Facebook Canvas ads
  • Instagram Photo ads
  • Instagram Video ads
  • Instagram Carousel ads
  • Facebook Collection ads (new)
  • Instagram Stories ads
  • Facebook Page likes ads
  • Event response ads
  • Lead Generation form ads
  • Facebook Remarketing

Other Social Media

Facebook and Instagram might be the big players on social media advertising but they are not the only ones. Depending on the audience some of the other social network offerings might be better suited for your business. We have experimented with all of them and we know all the benefits of each platform and can help you with the strategic part of any campaign.

Twitter ads. You can promote certain tweets or accounts on Twitter but you can also promote certain hashtags on the Twitter trends card. Promoted tweets can have any multimedia content Twitter already allows and also send the user to a specified link if the campaign type allows that kind of action.

Linkedin ads. Linked in has a very mature advertising platform and can be a strategic channel depending on your business model. We can create and monitor paid campaigns on Linkedin for your business and measure and analyze the results from there. Linkedin offers Sponsored content ads, Sponsored Inmail where you can send private messages to a number of users for maximum engagement, Display and Text ads throughout the website and finally Personalized dynamic ads.

Tik Tok ads. The new social media that Gen Z loves but also Millennials follow as well. It is the right social media for a business that wishes to attract this kind of audience. Our company has already created successful Tik Tok campaigns on Tik Tok and we can definitely help your business with Tik Tok ads as well as consulting services on how to use this social media platform.

Our Partners

Through our strategic partnerships and collaboration with major online media outlets we can set up and manage paid advertising campaigns, usually in the form of banner advertising, on many reputable news websites with million of page views per day. Contact us for more details about that.


We will create and manage paid campaigns for your business and we will drive results by combining analytics data and  continuous campaign for maximum ROI across Google, Facebook or any other advertising channel you choose.